Monday, 16 April 2012

V.S. Industry moves 8 spots up to 32 among top 50 global EMS players

KUALA LUMPUR (April 16): Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider V.S. Industry Bhd has moved up eight notches to Number 32 among the world’s top 50 EMS, based on revenue size, in an annual survey compiled by Manufacturing Market Insider (MMI), an EMS-industry newsletter.

In a statement Monday, V.S. Industry said the move up the ranking was a result of its 28.3% growth in group revenue to RM1,023 billion for the financial year ended July 31, 2011 (FY2011), from RM800.2 million a year earlier.

VS Industry is one of two Malaysian companies that made it to the list; the other is SMT Technologies Sdn Bhd, which ranked Number 41.

V.S. Industry managing director Gan Sem Yam said the achievement pointed as much to the Group’s resilience in the highly-competitive EMS industry for the last 3 decades as it does to the growth potential of VSI.

“Indeed, the higher ranking would not have been possible without the Group’s commitment to continuously extend our EMS services to fulfil our clients’ manufacturing needs while they focus on product and market development.

“It is VSI’s intention to focus on enhancing our core EMS business going forward, to position ourselves to capture a larger portion of the global market,” he said.

VS Industry provides extensive manufacturing services, which include plastic injection mould design and fabrication, wide tonnage range of plastic injection, finishing processes, large scale production of printed circuit board assembly, automated assembly, and final processes of packaging and logistics.

Currently, VS Industry has production facilities in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam, and serves more than 50 clients from Europe, Japan and USA.

The company focuses on manufacturing high-value consumer electronics and office automation products of renowned global brands; some of VSI’s products include high-end vacuum cleaners, single-cup coffee machines, touch screens equipment, automobile climate controller, digital power meters, and landscaping equipment.

Gan said while we are pleased with its market position, it was not going to rest on its laurels.

“We intend to continue with our expansion plans, not only in terms of additional investment for production facilities but also in the development of new customers and markets.

“This, we hope, would translate to a larger revenue base for the Group and elevate us to the next significant level,” he said.

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