Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Che Khalib: Govt will find best solution for compensation issue

KUALA LUMPUR (March 13): TENAGA NASIONAL BHD [] is confident the government will find the best solution to resolve the compensation issue for the benefit of all, said President and Chief Executive Officer Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh.

"We are looking for a solution to the problem. All the parties concerned understand. I don't think we have to worry. For sure, Tenaga believes that the government will find the best solution for the benefit of every party involved," he told reporters after launching TNB WWF-Malaysia Earth Hour 2012 Awareness Campaign.

Meanwhile, Chairman Tan Sri Leo Moggie said the issue would be resolved by the government.

"The government has a role to determine the method and the payment for the gas price to ensure continued supply of electricity in the country," he said, adding that the utility company had expressed its views during discussions with the government.

"The government is also sensitive towards the electricity supply issue … how it should ensure the supply at all times and at a price that is comfortable to consumers.

"So, this matter is part and parcel of the issue that the government has to analyse. It's not the stance of one party only. This is not between TNB and Petronas. The government will resolve the matter," Moggie added.

Last week, Petronas said it would not pay any more compensation to Tenaga for the cost of alternative fuel used by the national power utility company.

Petronas said that the payment of RM1 billion was supposed to be a "one-off" affair and it had never mentioned that it was going to be a continuous handout to the utility company.

On the TNB WWF-Malaysia Earth Hour 2012 Awareness Campaign, aimed at creating awareness among Malaysians on the significance of "Earth Hour"”, Moggie said it would not be a success without the participation of the Malaysian public.

As such, Moggie said Tenaga would like to invite and encourage all Malaysians to visit its selected customer service centre and pledge their support for Earth Hour and consequently turn off their lights for one hour at 8.30pm on March 31.

Moggie said the data on electricity consumption during the one hour Earth Hour "switch off" for the last three years showed a fall in public participation with 2011 showing electricity consumption dropping by only 113 MW compared with 203 MW in 2010 and 550 MW in 2009. - Bernama

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